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The Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition
Tina Landau, Anne Bogart
Leonardo Padura Fuentes
Le dit du Heichû - roman médiéval
René Sieffert, Anonymous
A Kayak Full of Ghosts: Eskimo Tales
Lawrence Millman
Mogens and Other Stories
Jens Peter Jacobsen, O.F. Theis
Vidas Perdidas
Nelson Algren
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Volume 5
Edgar Allan Poe
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Vol 1
Edgar Allan Poe
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven Edition Table Of Contents And Index Of The Five Volumes
Edgar Allan Poe

La cola de la serpiente

La cola de la serpiente - Leonardo Padura Didn't like it as much as The man who loved dogs but when I saw it initially was a short story about the chinese immigrants in Cuba that he rewrote later it began to make more sense.

Scraps of Paper

Scraps of Paper - Kathryn Meyer Griffith got this book as a free download and found it surprisingly enjoyable. it is not great literature but entertaining enough.
Makes me curious about the rest of the series.
Could have done without the ghostly bit though

A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place - Toni Anderson I downloaded this book for free. I wanted a mistery/thriller book and there were some good rei«views about it. It actually won some prizes. I just did not notice it was a Romance/Mistery novel.
I guess I am really not a romance reader. This book was a series was clichés, and the sex scenes... They just made me laugh.

Little Brother

Little Brother - Cory Doctorow Maybe I am too old for this book, but what annoyed the most was that the agenda of the book was too obvious. A little too much info dump as well, even if it was cleverly weaved in in the storyline. I dii learn a lot though.

Lily Marin - Three Short Steampunk Stories (#2)

Lily Marin - Three Short Steampunk Stories (#2) - Paul Kater downloaded this as a free e book. did not even know steam punk was a literary style.
well, I needed something light but i found ot a bit bland, always felt something was missing. But it reminded me of this masked heroins I used ro love as a lid.

Trevas Satânicas

Trevas Satânicas - Marion Zimmer Bradley, Rute Rosa da Silva not the best marion zmmler bradley. I thought the problem was the crappy translation but judging from other comments that was not the issue.
It was just so bland, no climax...
still, it was a very fast read and was perfect for shutting down my brain for a while

Olhos Verdes (Colecção Mil Folhas, #21)

Olhos Verdes (Colecção Mil Folhas, #21) - Luísa Costa Gomes Devo confessar que saltei algumas páginas, as da biografia de George Berkeley. Talvez me tenha impedido de entender o fim do livro, mas nunca gostei de filosofia e não me consegui interessar pelas teaorias de berkeley.
Achei pisada no início às manias de cada personagem e fiquei com uma certa curiosidade de saber onde a história ia chegar mas depois cansei de tanta idiosincrassia e a história tambem não me pareceu chegar a lugar nenhum.

Os Dois Irmãos

Os Dois Irmãos - Germano Almeida Não foi dos livros de Germano Almeida que gostei mais. Penso que ele estava demasiado envolvido pessoalmente, sentimentos de culpa e tal... Houve momentos longos.
O que me manteve presa ao livro foi a descrição da pressão social sobre André.

Estórias para brancos e negros

Estórias para brancos e negros - Gabriel Raimundo gostei mais das histórias relacionadas com áfrica. As outras eram tão líricas que se tornavam confusas para mim (ou talvez ande com dificuldades de concentração)

Adeus, Minha Concubina

Adeus, Minha Concubina - Lilian Lee, José Luís Luna One of the rare instances I liked the movie much more than the book. The story was interesting but I somehow could not relate to the characters. The movie made them much more alive to me. Plus I did not like the writing much.

La Pharmacienne

La Pharmacienne - Esparbec e o autor fala em imaginação! Nunca li livro tão monótono. È verdade que as descrições do aparelho genital feminino me deixam fria, mas sobretudo incomodou me profundamente que quase todas as cenas estão no limite da violação. Os jovens são sempre forçados a submeterem se ao padrasto, etc... para não serem denunciados.
E o autor ainda proclama que a pornografia pode ser literatura! Não a dele de certeza!

As Três Irmãs - Contos

As Três Irmãs - Contos - Anton Chekhov, Boris Schnaiderman, Maria Jacintha had to read this one for my clown class (no, it's not as strange as it seems). The idea was to try and perform scenes from the 3 sisters as a clown.
But I'm a big fan of tchekhov anyway. Amazing what he can do with what is not said.
I certinly will need to re-read it.

Les Chaises: Farce Tragique Suivi De L'Impromptu De L'Alma Ou Le Cameleon Du Berger

Les Chaises: Farce Tragique Suivi De L'Impromptu De L'Alma Ou Le Cameleon Du Berger - Eugène Ionesco Really enjoyed "Les Chaises". Absurd, yes, but it's sweet and melancoly and poetic. Plus I had the chance to see it coming alive because I saw the play just before reading the last 3 pages of the text.
L'Impromptu de l'Alma i found too obvious,even if it was funny sometimes. I had gotten the meaning long before the explanation.

The First Eagle

The First Eagle - Tony Hillerman The antibiotic resistant bacteria stuff was a bit too militant at times, but I always love these navajo mysteries. Hillerman has a knack for characters.

My Street, Tome 2 : La maladie mystérieuse

My Street, Tome 2 : La maladie mystérieuse - Jun Nie, Gilbert Mijoule liked the graphism. Just a bit confusing for me because i didn't read part one.

Kafka on the Shore

Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami my favorite murakami to this date.